House Calls

Welcome to Nutrition House Calls.

With Nutrition House calls, I step into your kitchen, your space and your eating environment. In the comfort of your own home, I will help you create a plan that will address your health and nutritional concerns, for both you and your family.

This has to be realistic to fit in with your daily lifestyle. Together we will help you achieve your goals, one bite at a time.


1. Nutritional Consultation

What you eat can have a powerful impact on how you feel. Discover which foods affect you positively and negatively. Learn to recognise how your eating patterns impact your health.

Jess will carry out a Consultation with the family and identify nutritional imbalances. Once identified, specific recommendations will be made to help correct imbalances and optimise health.

The consultation includes a tailored dietary and supplement program, full nutritional assessment and a Kitchen Makeover.

2. Menu Planning

Menu Planning helps to save time and money while making meals more nutritious and delicious. Jess will show you how to plan meals week-by-week, based on your food preferences, lifestyles and schedules.

3. Kitchen Makeovers

A Kitchen Makeover involves cleaning out cupboards, the fridge / freezer and organising kitchen space to create a healthier, more inviting cooking environment. Clients learn how to store foods to maximize freshness, reduce waste and purchase healthy fresh foods.

Follow-Up Consultations

We recommend regular follow ups with the Nutritionist to assure that your new lifestyle changes go smoothly. Jess can recommend a schedule that is appropriate for your follow up.


Contact Jess for pricing and to reserve a date. Before Jess can start working with you, you will need you fill out a questionnaire and send it in before your appointment.