Derek Oman

My journey started in 2010 the year of the heavy snow, where I injured myself by slipping on ice, I went to a physio who recommended I go to a Holistic Nutritional Therapist, (Jess Day). The reason being I was obese, due to bad food choices and excess alcohol.

At that time I wasn’t a nice person to be around and being a chef didn’t help, as I was around food all the time. I was encouraged to follow a program by Holistic Nutritional Therapist Jess Day,which I did and within 6 months lost 6 stone. I followed Jess Day’s programme by making the correct food choices and I also stopped drinking.

I continued with my healthy lifestyle and in 2013, discovered live plant based foods by taking part in a green smoothie challenge, which changed my opinion on food choices and the benefits of raw foods. I never would have expected to feel the benefits the way I do, both emotionally and physically.

In 2014 I set up “The Live Kitchen” where my aim is to educate and demonstrate using my skills as a chef and my own personal journey on how to make correct food choices and endorse the benefits of plant base foods.

Educate and demonstrate how to plan your meals, make correct food choices, create recipes for all age groups, families dietary requirements and illness.

How I feel has led to clear thinking, mental awareness, I feel so much stronger in all areas of my life, my skin and hair have improved dramatically and I have better energy and live a more  balanced life, every day.



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